December 12, 2019

The MomVENT Calendar

Behold: The MomVENT Calendar.

It’s all about the kids this time of year. As if they don’t have enough stuff. Lilly has 4 advent calendars. FOUR. Her grandparents gifted her two, I got her one and she confiscated her brother’s chocolate one, deeming him too young for it. The last thing she needs is more sugar- or stuff.

It’s the MOMS who need something. You know, those of us doing all the shopping, wrapping and wrangling. Those of us who handle it all just to keep the magic alive, while nearly killing ourselves. Where is our daily treat? Our countdown to Christmas (being over)? I kid. I’m really excited about it. But, by the 26th, I’ll be wrecked and ready to say sayonara till next year.

For all of the other overwhelmed and tired mamas in your life, love on them with little things daily. And, more importantly, give them a good laugh and a chance to be seen. I love the idea of getting a few gift bags and writing relatable, humorous phrases on them like “so much poop!” Or “my husband has a man cold!” Or “my relatives are coming!”

Then place small, affordable items in each one: a Starbucks or nail salon gift card, a sheet mask, facial roller, chocolate or what we all really want: WINE. And, CBD oil. Have her open them in any order she wants. Whatever her current mood is, you’ve got her covered!

Love on all those mamas, including yourself!





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