August 10, 2020

Oh! Canary x Nat’s Next Adventure Birthday Kits

I love a good party. And it appears that you do too! Whenever I feature a celebration I’ve planned, I receive a lot of questions and comments, often prompting many of you to recreate similar events. Two years ago, I threw Lilly’s 5th birthday party (bunnies and rainbows!) at our favorite local art studio, Oh! Canary. Lacey, the owner, and I got to talking, shared our mutual love of all things creative and decided to collaborate together. And Oh! Canary x Nat’s Next Adventure was born.

We started working on themed party packages intended for her studio (or your home) and were planning to roll them out for spring. Then, the world changed. And so did our focus. Now, we’re offering birthday kits more suited to our current circumstances. Because Covid can’t stop us from loving on our people!


Drive-By Birthday

A sign of the times. Literally. Receive all the materials to create a personalized birthday sign (to hang on your car, hold out of the sunroof or tape to the birthday boy or girl’s door). But we don’t stop there. This kit includes a party hat, horn and confetti wand to help make you the MVC (most valuable car) of the parade!

Birthday Care Package

Can’t be with the one you love on their big day? Send (or drop off) a birthday care package. It includes homemade play dough with loose parts, a birthday cracker filled with confetti, a tattoo, crown and joke, and a card with a removable party hat.

Classic Birthday Party

Looking to have a low key and intimate celebration at home? Our classic kit comes with enough plates, cups, napkins, balloons and horns for a party of 6. (Extra supplies can be added for an additional fee.) It also includes materials to make six custom party hats!



Head to Oh! Canary to purchase the kits. And please let either Lacey or myself know if you have any questions. Happy celebrating!



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