November 15, 2019

My Thanksgiving Table(s)

I love the holidays an irrational amount. I start thinking about and planning them months out. I find immense joy in choosing the decor and get so excited about setting the table, always trying to mix it up a bit from the previous year. I thought I’d share my design board and vision for my Thanksgiving table this year, in the hopes that it helps inspire or motivate you…

Adult’s Table

I love to do an adult’s table and a kid’s table. This year, we have my mother-in-law and father-in-law joining us, which we’re super excited about. But, it’s just them and Zach and I so it will be intimate, which we kind of love. With that in mind, I’m trying not to go too crazy, but still love to make it special.

Last year, I chose a more colorful palate with warm blue and dusty rose elements. This year, I’m going a little more natural and classic. I fell in love with this ribbon and planned my entire table around it, which is usually the case. I’m inspired by one item and take off running, or, in this case, shopping.

I’m still not set on how I’m going to use it though. I’ve been playing around with several options: Draping it loosely under the napkin, as shown below. Tying the napkin up in it with some greenery in the middle. Wrapping the plate with it like a present or using an actual small, natural box to wrap with it. Writing each guest’s name in gold on the plate (as I did for Christmas last year with a chalk marker) with a sprig placed on top and then running the ribbon the whole way down the center of the table… The options are endless.

The runner fits perfectly with the natural, minimalist vibe. I love how the two compliment each other. I used my old gold chargers and white dinner plates and placed these new charcoal salad plates (which are $2.99 each!) on top of them to layer the colors a bit. (I also picked up these chic salt and pepper bowls and this carafe that Zach broke a day later before we even used it!)

If I don’t write on the plates, I’ll use these place card holders. (These geos are another great option.) The napkin rings are old, but there are similar ones here (and the thankful rings are also fun). And if I don’t end up using the grey plates, these navy napkins on top of the white plates would tie in with the runner nicely. Speaking of napkins, these thankful ones are so sweet and simple. Do you see what it’s like to live in my head?

I also like the idea of using this stamp with gold ink and stamping it on white card stock. Then placing one at each guest’s seat with a gold pen and having them fill them out. Once everyone’s done, you can go around the table and each read your own or pass them and read someone else’s.

Kid’s Table

I only have my 2 kids celebrating with us this year so, again I’m not planning on going overboard (Have we met?), but I’m still getting some (ha!) items to get them in the spirit. One day, I envision a big table full of lots of kids and tricking the whole thing out. It’ll have to be nieces, nephews, friends, grandkids… Because I’m not supplying anymore. We’re done! 🙂 Whether you have a small or large crew this year, here are some ideas!

I like to set their table with more whimsical and colorful items. Paper and plastic helps too! I love the bold lettering of these napkins and plates and these turkey cups are cute too. Speaking of turkey’s, how fun are these place cards and crackers?

Activities for the kids are always a good idea. It keeps them seated and calmer longer! This turkey placemat is so cute. As is this activity tablecloth.

I hope this was helpful. Have a Happy Thanksgiving. All of you are on my list, as you’ve been for the past five years, of people I’m grateful for. Thank you for being such a wonderful community of women who support me.





EmilyNovember 15, 2019 8:56 pm

That ribbon is so fantastic! Can’t wait to see what you decide to do with it! And those turkey crackers are the cutest, love Meri Meri! Thank you for sharing your ideas!

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