March 19, 2019

What I’m Packing for My California Trip

California is one of my happy places. For those of you who don’t know, Zach and I moved there (from New York) after getting married and spent two and a half incredible years there. We actually planned on putting down roots and raising our family there too. But life has other plans, Zach got a job offer back in New York, we felt like we couldn’t refuse and, six years later, we’re still here. Well, New Jersey now, but you get what I mean.

We/I try to go back at least twice a year to get our fill, see old friends and reminisce about the sunny life. So when it was time to decide what I wanted to do for my big 4-0 birthday, California was calling. (So was

The Maldives, but I had to keep it attainable because: kids.) Believe it or not, even after living there, neither Zach or I have ever made it to Napa. Shameful. So it’s been top of my list for awhile.

This week, I check off that bullet on the bucket list and I couldn’t be more excited. Sweetening the deal, is the fact that eight of our friends are meeting us there (or, in some cases, traveling with us there). So ten of us, five couples, will spend 4 days and 3 nights bonding together over beverages, great food and, if I know this group, a ton of laughs.

We rented a stunning house high atop a mountain looking over all of wine country and have a fun-filled day in both Sonoma and Napa planned as well as some serious downtime accounted for to just enjoy the house, the views and each other. It’ll hopefully be the perfect mix of doing and doing nothing (We’re old and without kids for the weekend, after all- these parents need their rest).

But, beyond the wine and the meals (Seriously our whole itinerary revolves around them. We contemplated a private yoga instructor at our home, for a minute, and then though, “nah”.), the most important question is, “What to wear?” There have been many a text about this too between my girlfriends and me. The guys, not so much. Below, I’ve rounded up what I’m bringing with me to not only Napa, but my second leg of the trip to Palm Springs (two totally different climates)- for Alt Summit– as well.

It should be noted that I both over-buy and over-pack, much to Zach’s dismay. But, I always return what I don’t end up wearing, which ends up being, like, 50%, at least!


I’m bringing this striped sweater and this sweatshirt, that I couldn’t link in the gallery below.


(Some of it, will be overlap.)

I’m packing this jumpsuit, in addition to the gallery below.



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