I’m so happy you’re here.

After fourteen years in the entertainment industry, I wanted to create a lifestyle site with all of the elements I loved from my magazine and TV jobs but a place where you don’t have to pay $4.99, support negativity, be home at 3pm or remember to set your DVR. And one that’s more than just a cooking blog, fashion blog or mommy blog because I have a lot of varied interests and I know you do too. So I created a place that, hopefully, relates to all women, gives you a laugh, a good cry, ideas of where to go, what to buy… One that commiserates, resonates, entertains and empowers. But, above all, one that’s communal.

Nat’s Next Adventure is the first choose my own adventure site of its kind giving you, the reader, a completely interactive experience and a voice in the content and, ultimately, my life. From drastically changing my hair, to which trip I go on, to what I cook for dinner, you choose, I do. But it doesn’t end there. The site is full of unique, branded sections like…

Nat’s Adventures On the Road, In the Kitchen, In Her City, Dining Out, Party Planning… Each section depicts life as I see, taste and try it.

Nat’s Notes are my musings and momecdotes on the hilarity (and horrors!) of everyday life.

What Lilly Wore is a playful parade of my little one’s fashion.

From holiday and hostess gifts to the best baby gear, latest fashion trends and greatest in entertainment, I’ve got you covered in Nat’s Must Haves.

Nat & Zach is a humorous view of my relationship.

Whether it’s the rapid-fire Speed Dial providing a lighter look into someone’s life or In-Depth, in which inspiring individuals share their personal struggles, Q+A highlights others’ stories.

Sunday Style features decor, design & DIY and street chic styles I’m loving plus my own personal #OOTD (Outfit of the Day).

Day in the Life is a look into my world, both the mommy mundane and the magical moments.

Nat’s Friends presents fellow bloggers and pals, some well-known, others up and coming, all impressive and worthy of a read.

But I’m interested in your view too! Share your own posts (via the gold “submit” button on the right hand side of the page) and I’ll highlight my favorites.

Much like me, the site’s a work in progress. Some sections are fully formed (transferred from my tumblr), others are brand new. Some will stay, others go. (And there’s almost always going to be a typo. I’m a working mom, you know!) I’d love to hear feedback on what you’re loving and would like to see more of– or less than.

It’s your own, real life editorial meeting. Pitch, suggest and submit subjects for me to interview, products to test, restaurants and hotels to review, towns to visit, adventures to take… And maybe, I’ll do things your way. You’ll be guest editor for a day.

Be part of the adventure!