April 6, 2019

Travel Bag for Toddlers & Young Children

I’ve mentioned before on Stories, and even in some posts, that I always pack a bag of surprises for the plane. I’ve done it since Lilly was little and have continued the tradition now that Oliver is here. They usually include some new reading material, sticker and activity books, a few little games and toys. But, this year, I’ve found some really amazing items that I’m so excited about and adding to the mix!

Speaking of Stories, I already shared this genius Go Happy Kids Travel Tray that I’m, of course, brining along. It straps to the table and becomes a tray for the kids. I love that you can use one surface for dry erase (markers, crayons) and items like Squigz or something and then put the grippy cover on to use so cups don’t slide and items like puzzle pieces or small parts won’t move around.

One of the NNA community recommended this Airplane Activity Box and I’m so glad she did. I can’t wait to break this out and do it with Lilly. I love even more that it’s from a woman with a small Etsy shop. It makes me so happy when I get to support and showcase fellow mompreneurs.

The Kids Travel Passport was also suggested to me by a Nat’s Next Adventure follower and friend and I loved it so much I included the entire set (tooth, book, friend, outing, etc.) by Letterfolk in my 12 Days of Giveaways for the holidays.

I included these Custom Sticker Books in the kids stockings. I’m packing it in Lilly’s bag as it makes for a good journal.

When I was in Palm Springs for Alt Summit (at the Parker, among other places) I picked up this Rainbow Pouch– we’re always in need of more cases for markers, crayons, stickers, etc.- and these fabulous Flamingo Sunglasses from one of my favorite brands, Sunny Life.

I found this cute star nightgown which I think will be perfect for the warm weather. Lilly loves her shortie pajamas but recently got into nightgowns to wear around the house, if not sleep in. I also think it makes for a fun cover up to throw on after the pool. (Sadly, the bunny suits are sold out.)

We’ve recently gotten a lot of books to help my girl’s anxiety and I love this new one, My Strong Mind.

Lilly and I went to see a Junie B. Jones show at our local theater and loved it. Like Lilly, Junie is a kindergartner going into first grade so it was perfect. I can’t wait to start reading the books with her and naturally started with this first boxed set.

Lilly’s never done Mad Libs before because they’re a little old for her. But this junior edition should be perfect. I really like that while we’ll be having fun doing it together, it will also introduce her to nouns, verbs and adjectives. Bonus points because she still loves Llama Llama (Have you seen the Netflix series? So sweet and Mama Llama is voiced by Jennifer Garner.).

We’re big fans of Highlights in our house. I used to get it when I was little and now my mom got a subscription for Lilly too. Every month it arrives is, well, a highlight. Lilly loves an activity book and is super proud she’s in Kindergarten so I know she’ll be so excited about this and her teacher will be happy we’re keeping up with stuff while away for two weeks (Texas after Turks).

She also appreciates a Hidden Pictures book but has never had one with puffy stickers so that will be fresh and fun too. As you also may have seen on Stories, Lilly has recently discovered Amelia Bedelia books thanks to a carton of my old reads my mom recently brought to us. I thought it’d be nice to have a few new ones and at a level that pushes her a bit, but she can certainly handle.

Oliver needed his own set too! And since he is OBSESSED with Elmo right now and we’re going to Beaches Turks & Caicos, who have a Seseam Street license and a ton of related programming and events (baking cookies with Cookie Monster, art class with Julia, a scavenger hunt with Abby Cadabby, a bedtime book- he literally comes to your room and personally tucks your kids in- with Elmo, I knew the Sesame Street My First Library must be included.

And this Doodle board will be perfect for his little hands. I like that it’s two-sided and can grow with him too.

If it’s not Elmo, it’s his increasingly new fave, Thomas the Train. Oliver is all about his wheels, no matter the form. So this sticker book will be helpful on the plane, he can just peel (with the help from his parents) and stick anywhere- him, us, paper, his books, the window- I don’t care, as long as he’s busy and not crying.

Similarly, I think he’ll have fun getting to use a big boy magic ink marker and scribbling over his favorite train Thomas (which happens to be my maiden name and his middle one). Bonus points that it gets on nothing else but the paper. T

It’s the same idea with the Water Wow by Melissa & Doug, one of our other favorite brands who we’ve worked with countless of times, including this epic Mermaid themed sprinkle. I purchased the Makeup & Manicures for Lilly and Vehicle for Oliver, not to gender stereotype, but they’re both actually into those at the current moment. I’m waiting on them to arrive today or otherwise they’d be photographed too.

And there’s a reason we’re throwing Oliver a puppy party for his 2nd birthday. He is dog obsessed (“woooof woooof”) so I know he’ll love this new Paw Patrol board book.

Most of the above, along with some other items, are included in the gallery below. (If they’re not, click on the links above.)



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