August 17, 2017

The Co-Sleeper That Changed the Game

When Lilly was born, we borrowed an old co-sleeper from my sister. It’d been passed down from her two sons and once we were finished with it, she used it again for her daughter. After four infants and ten years, it had to go so I was on the hunt for a new bassinet for my babe-to-be. I’d been hearing a lot about the SNOO Smart Sleeper and was intrigued. Shortly after, I got to demo it an event, where it was pitched to me as having a night nurse for $7/day and I was sold. Wouldn’t you be?

Just take a look at all that it offers:

  • SNOO boosts sleep with the soothing white noise and motion your baby loved, 24/7, before birth. Oh, and SNOO is also the safest baby bed ever made.
  • Reduce crying, Boost sleep.
  • Gently rocks – all naps and nights – to help your baby be a better sleeper (up to 6 months)
  • Chooses the best motion (slow swing for sleep, faster jiggles for upsets)
  • Dual mesh walls maximize comfort, safety and breathability
  • SNOO’s easy “5-second swaddle” is hip safe and never unravels
  • Protective swaddle wings keep your baby safely on the back
  • SNOO’s gradual weaning feature makes for easy transition to crib
  • Chooses the best white noise (soft rain for sleep, womb sound if crying)
  • SNOO soothes, monitors and responds to your baby’s needs. It chooses the best white noise and motion to boost sleep – or calm midnight meltdowns – all while keeping baby in the safest position, on his back.
  • SNOO comes with organic fitted sheet and 3 SNOO Sacks made with organic cotton

I’m here to tell you it delivers. Ollie is often frantic and as soon as he’s placed in the SNOO, he immediately calms down. It’s like he knows; he’s in home base, can finally relax and he’ll be asleep in no time.

The other thing we did with Lilly was swaddle her in muslin blankets. Big mistake. She snuck out of those suckers every time, waking her up, making her upset and us too because we were also losing sleep. With the SNOO sacks, there’s no getting out of them. Plus, there’s no extra material that can become a safety hazard. The fit is snug, the material is breathable and it clips in, so they’re stable and safe.

We also love that there’s an app for it so you can adjust the settings from anywhere in your home. We can be downstairs with his big sister and, with the touch of a button on our phones, change the settings. Plus, it alerts us if he’s upset and automatically bumps it up a setting to soothe him.

And it’s by Dr. Harvey Karp, pediatrician and founder of Happiest Baby, who took 5 years to develop it. I worked with Dr. Karp while I was at Us Weekly and the Hallmark talk show Home & Family. The man knows his stuff when it comes to babies.

Do yourself a favor and make an investment in the SNOO. It’s worth every parental penny. You can’t put a price on your sleep, their safety- or your sanity!


The app makes it so easy. We can be down in the basement and instead of running two floors up, adjust the settings and soothe him from our phones- genius. Plus, these little faces melt me every time.

Seriously, seconds before this, he was overstimulated and upset. A minute in the SNOO, and he was calm.

I wish we’d had this when Lilly was an infant. It would’ve made things so much easier. Thankfully, we have it for Oliver. While it’s definitely a splurge, I believe it’s worth the investment. Save on all of those overpriced outfits they never wear (Ollie’s always in a sleeper or onesie) and put your money towards sleep!

Or enter to win our giveaway. One lucky NNA reader has a chance of winning your own! Head to Instagram to enter.

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    Love to win !!

  • Scott Hoeflich

    2nd baby coming October 1 – would love to have this!

  • I didnt know it had an app too! I’ve been following this company for a few months now & we are due in February. Everyone thinks we’re a little crazy for wanting such a “fancy” bassinet but sleep, sanity & safety is totally worth it!
    Can’t wait to try it out. @livinglifezen

  • Jaimee shepard

    Every mom needs this!

  • Lianett Jimenez

    This is incredible. My husband and I had a very difficult time with our first born and sleep. This would be absolutely amazing for our second baby who is due on November 1st!

  • Ashley

    Recommended my little sister get the Snoo for her baby coming in November! Her husband bought it for them the same day! Would love to have my own for baby #2!

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    I am pregnant with my first baby and am saving every extra penny I have in hopes for the Snoo! My husband is terrified of the price tag but I keep forwarding him reviews and blog post to get him to understand it’s worth (I’ll def be fowarding this one as well!) I haven’t seen a single negative thing written about the Snoo and honestly don’t think I will. What an incredible gift this is! Cheers!

  • Laura

    I am pregnant with our first baby due in October and have heard amazing things about the SNOO. My husband and I would absolutely love to win this for our sweet baby!

  • Carla Landry Knowlton

    The SNOO is amazing! Having seen it in person, I would love to win this for our first rainbow baby due in December! I know people that have it and they SWEAR by it! So glad you love it!

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    Oh my gosh!! I would love to win this!! I am 7 1/2 months pregnant with my second and this would be a total game changer for us! We still haven’t gotten a bassinet yet because I can’t find one that I want, but that also is in our price range… What a relief it would be to win this!!! 😍😍😍 My first born was not too good of a sleeper in the begging and got up often, plus I was up constantly checking on her. This bassinet would bring a great peace of mind.. plus it is gorgeous!! I entered the giveaway on Instagram so fingers crossed I win 🤞🏼

  • Mel Lopez

    I finished reading the Happiest Baby last week & I am due October 18 🙂 Next thing on our to-do list is to purchase the SNOO. I’ve heard nothing but phenomenal reviews and reading your blog post gets me more excited for our son to use it!

  • Kadee Huling

    My friend has a Snoo and swears by it. It’s her second kid so she can tell what a huge difference it’s making. Definitely considering one for our next child as my first born had colic and reflux making those first few months a nightmare. Thank you for your review!
    Best, Kadee

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    This product seems amazing!! I have been eyeing the SNOO for awhile and would love to be considered! Thank you!

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    Just had baby Brecken on the 5th. Absolutely hates sleeping alone, which has caused mom and dad to be quite tired and ran down throughout the day. Have heard nothing but wonderful things about the snoo and would love to give it a try. Been showing my husband but I got a quick NO to the price. So this is my only hope 🙏🏼

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    We live in a tiny 1950’s bungalow without much space and I have been in love with this baby sleep r since I saw it, so minimal so sleek and so perfect!

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    I’m expecting my third and am worried that he’s going to have the sleep habits of my second, who didn’t sleep through the night until he was over 14 months and required frequent comforting. The Snoo could be a sleep and sanity saver!

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    I would love to try the snoo!

  • What an incredible invention both for baby and new parents! Dying to try it!

  • This is such a genius product! I love how baby is safely strapped in with the swaddle too – definitely a huge peace of mind giver!

  • Mo

    I’ve seen so many amazing reviews on this! It would take a lot of stress off my mind when my second baby girl comes in October! #2under2 😅

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    -chelsea spoelker

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    IG- ginmarie829

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