July 12, 2016

North River Lobster Company

Our intern Betsy is back at it again! Since I’ve lived in New York for over thirteen years now, I’m always interested in seeing it through fresh eyes and Betsy’s enthusiasm is contagious. Below, her take on North River Lobster Company, the largest lobster “boat-staurant”in the nation. 

One of my top restaurant experiences this summer is the North River Lobster Company. I’ve been five times (and counting) so far this summer. Located at Pier 81 on the Hudson River, it’s a sailing restaurant known for their fresh lobster rolls and sunset cruises. Whether you’re looking for cocktail hour in the salt air or a seafood lunch, the boat restaurant is the ultimate way to chill out and take a break from the steaming concrete this summer. One 95 degrees day, I went in a t-shirt and sneakers; the other night I wore a sundress and wedges. Whether it is cocktails with girlfriends or a nautical themed date, the atmosphere and crowd is appealing to all and elicits a casual vibe.



Although lobster’s in the name, the restaurant is not limited to seafood. Burgers, caesar wraps, and buffalo wings are served too. Famous for the lobster rolls, four kinds are offered including a signature New Yorker roll (but it’s hard to beat that buttery brioche bun). The classic Fish n’ Chips is great choice too… how can it be wrong when it’s beer battered? Classic sides such as fries, potato salad, coleslaw and corn on the cob accompany any meal perfectly and taste even better when on the water. My favorite addition is the Cape Cod style potato chips that are served with the rolls. The chips remind me of the beach and boating with my family at home.


What attracts younger adults the most is definitely the signature cocktails and ice cold beers. Whether you’re looking for a “Nautical Margarita,” a chilled glass of rosé, or beer buckets to share with friends, the refreshments at North River Lobster do not disappoint. On weekends, popularity peaks and there may be a short wait but the restaurant has the North River Bar that is located on land, at the beginning of the pier, so guests can sip while waiting for the boat to return from the 30 minute cruise around the Hudson River. A separate bar area, with tables charmingly shaped like lobsters, floats next to the pier and serves as the boat’s boarding area too. The boat typically sails every hour and a half beginning at 1pm.



The Lobster Co. is one of the few experiences on my list this summer that I would recommend to all. Having a new guest every weekend for the past month and a half, I’ve found that this place is easily loved and enjoyed. Although there may be a short wait for Friday and Saturday night, the sunset cruise by the skyline exudes a sense of relaxation for everyone. Plus, I get to enjoy viewing my home-for-the-summer’s skyscrapers while boating, one of my favorite activities at the beach in North Carolina. The perfect win-win.



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