October 16, 2017

My Push Presents

I actually hate the term “push present”. To me, it seems, I don’t know, dated. Like we’re in the 1800’s and “woman” is rewarded by her caveman husband for bestowing him a babe. Okay, maybe I’m being a bit dramatic but I just don’t like the phrase. Having said that, I firmly believe a mama should be pampered, taken care of, loved on and treated (Spa time, girls weekend, case of wine and unlimited sushi? Yes, please!). I also love the idea of commemorating your children with personalized jewelry.

When Lilly was born, I got this Nameplate Necklace by Jennifer Meyer and had the heart removed since it’s meant for two children. I used her first and middle names instead. I wore the Lilly James necklace for four years (and will continue to) but with Oliver’s arrival, I wanted to represent both of my children. I fell in love with the simplicity of the 2 Letter Necklace by Maya Brenner. I also love that it’s asymmetrical, something about that seems so imperfectly perfect to me, much like motherhood is. But Ollie needed his own representation too so I didn’t stop there. I also picked up this diamond initial ring. Again, I love the subtlety.

So, that’s that. I picked out and paid for my own presents and it wasn’t because I pushed but because I want to represent my loves. But, don’t worry, I’m planning a few girl’s getaways for the future. Zach, are you reading this? 😉

Does the term push present bother you? Did you get one? I’d love to hear from you!


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