April 2, 2019

My Experience with Microneedling

When I was 25, I started using anti-aging cream. My friends and family made fun of me, but I wanted to get ahead of the game. And for six years or so, I was pretty consistent.

Then I had kids. And I was tired. So tired. As a result, my skin care regime went out the proverbial, greasy-fingerprinted window. For the last decade, I haven’t been the best about maintaining a regular routine. But, with a new decade ahead of me, I’m vowing to change that.

About six months ago, I started to pay more attention to my skin and, beyond my face wash, sunscreen and night cream, purchased (and used!) exfoliating pads, a microdermabrasion brush and serum. And I really started to notice a difference. Of course, overall better habits like getting more sleep and drinking more water helped too.

But, I wanted to up the ante and try to reverse some of those years of neglect. So when Schweiger Dermatology (offices in NYC, Livingston and Hoboken, NJ) approached me to work with them, it was an easy answer. 

I’ve never been one to shy away from trying new things, especially when it comes to my skincare. But, years ago, when I was pregnant with Lilly, but didn’t know it yet, I got a chemical peel and had a major allergic reaction. Since then, I’ve been a little weary of anything too intense.

Still, when the dermatologist suggested microneedling, I was a bit apprehensive. But I’d heard of the amazing results and decided to put my fear aside and go for it. And I’m so glad I did! Below, my experience with microneedling.

I went in an hour before the procedure to get numbing cream. It’s cold and tingly and, eventually, your face feels, well, numb like your mouth would be at the dentist’s office.

Anita Fox, PA-C at Schweiger Dermatology, who is lovely, patient and conservative with her approach, started off on the lighter setting so I could ease in. I could barely feel it; it was just a vibrating sensation. After a few rounds of that, she kicked it up to the higher setting, which was definitely more intense. But, still, not too bad. It wasn’t painful or unbearable, just a little irritating in certain areas. And nothing we ladies haven’t put ourselves through before with waxing or other treatments.

The after picture is a little shocking as you literally have your own blood all over your face (it’s nicknamed the “Vampire Facial” for a reason!). If you’re squeamish, I don’t recommend looking in the mirror.

Then they clean you up, put on some antiseptic and moisturizer and you’re off. The whole procedure (without the hour of numbing cream) lasted maybe twenty minutes.

The next two days are not pretty. You definitely need to schedule it when you have some downtime, like a Friday afternoon when you can hole up inside for the weekend or during time off when you don’t have any plans. Even walking out of the derm, where plenty of procedures go down, I was getting a lot of looks.

Luckily for me, I work from home and could hide out for a few days, minus school pick up and drop off where I threw on a baseball hat and avoided all interaction!

I also had to prep Lilly, which was probably the hardest part. “When Mommy comes home, she’s gonna look like she has a sunburn.” Oliver cried upon seeing me.

After two days, I had some slight bruising on areas she really addressed like sunspots and scars but, overall, I could go out in public and not horrify people. A little tinted moisturizer went a long way.

By day 4, my skin was a little rough but no more redness. Day 5, I started peeling a bit, but not too much. And by day 6, I was ready to roll!

Now, two weeks later, my skin is baby soft and glowing. All of my Milia bumps on the side of my cheeks and forehead are gone, my scars and sunspots are lighter and my skin has seriously never been better.

It’s also made me be much more attentive to my skin. I’ve been keeping up with my routine consistently and putting on masks every day, taking advantage of those pores being open and retaining all that product.

For me, it was totally worth the downtime and I would definitely recommend it. And will likely do it again in another 6-12 months.

I received so many comments and questions about it when I shared on Stories, with many locals asking for a discount code so my friends at Schweiger are generously offering $100 off a micro needling treatment (normally $400, now $300) for the month of April with Anita in Livingston! Book now and thank me (and them!) later!

They’re also offering an additional 20% off microneedling packages! For optimal results, they recommend a series of 6 sessions, spaced a month apart. With my discount, it’ll be $1440 for a package of 6, which is regularly $1920!

Email Kasia at [email protected] and mention the code “NATALIE” for the discount!

Not in your budget right now? One lucky NNA reader is getting the chance to win a free Microneedling treatment at any of the Schweiger offices (NYC, Livingston or Hoboken, NJ!)! Head to my Instagram to enter!



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