October 30, 2019

Mom’s Night Out with Parent’s Magazine

The other night, I went to an event with Parents Magazine that was so much fun. I’m a contributor for Parents, so it was really nice to catch up with the team and have a glass of wine together.

But, there was so much more! It wouldn’t be a Parents event without some fun crafts and great food. Right out of the pages of Parents’ Halloween issue, we recreated their spider donuts, fruit kebabs and chocolate milkshakes in festive DIY glasses.

There was also a snow globe making station sponsored by Clorox Disinfecting Wipes…

…and a decorate and fill your own bath caddy with Baby Dove.

We also made our own custom scents with the Parents beauty department. I spent so much time at each table that I had to remind myself to come up for air and mingle!

Of course it was a no brainer to party with Parents, but when brands are involved, I’m very careful with who I support and partner with. I never want to promote or talk about something that isn’t authentic and I don’t actually love and believe in. When I heard the sponsors were Clorox and Baby Dove, I was in. We use both products in our home, daily.

We couldn’t live without Clorox Disinfecting Wipes. I use them no less than five times a day to clean our dirty counters. I wish I could say it was just Lilly and Oliver making the mess, but I’m guilty as well. I love to cook and bake, but I could win an award for messiest chef ever. But, it’s not just food. You know we love our art projects and crafts around here, so I’m constantly cleaning up globs of glue, drips of paint and scribbles made from markers. I love knowing that I’m not only wiping up spills, grease and grime, but also getting rid of the germs as well.

Zach and I have used Dove body wash since I can remember. We buy it in bulk so we’re never without it. And I’m so excited they’re now making Baby Dove! It’s a brand we can stand behind. Not only is it excellent quality, but have you seen their amazing campaigns promoting female empowerment? Who wouldn’t want to support a brand like that. I couldn’t love them more!

But what I didn’t know is that babies are born with a living protective layer of microflora on their skin, known as their microbiome. Unique to each baby, the microbiome works to maintain skin’s health while also helping with skin’s natural protection and nourishment. Did you know that? Am I the only one who didn’t? Is that why they say “skin like a baby?” Baby Dove is made with prebiotic moisture and 100% skin-natural nutrients to gently nourish your baby’s delicate microbiome.

It was such an informative and evening. I can’t wait for the next Moms Night Out!



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