February 14, 2017

A Look Back at Lilly’s Valentine’s Days

Outfit changes were necessary our first year. So was drool.

Then again, we weren’t hurting for options.

Our first one, we did a sweet playdate with all of our baby friends.

For the second one, we opted for a festive breakfast

… and got much more into it!

She wore XO leggings by day and a little denim shirt. And, of course, her lifelong accessory: Bunny.

We also sent out Valentine’s for the first time.

Last year, we were muralists in matching pj’s.

She wore the cutest sweater.

And we got our bake on with these conversation heart cookies.

This year is turning out to be just as fun

She had a ball with finally being allowed to put stickers on her wall.

We turned one of the shots (and attached her current favorite Bunny Fruit Snacks to them) into Valentine’s cards for her friends.

But she had to receive some love too! Below, Lilly’s loot.

Happy Valentine’s Day! However you spent it, hope yours was sweet!


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