November 14, 2017

Happy 3rd Birthday NNA!

I can hardly believe NNA is three-years-old today. In many ways, it feels like so much longer because I’ve posted triple that, learned so much and come so far. Man, I knew NOTHING when I started. Some would say, I still don’t! To think back to that naive and green girl… It actually makes me emotional. I’m so proud of this journey, of sticking it out, believing in myself (and you) even when I had so many days of doubt.

Since we celebrated two years, I got pregnant, started a consulting business, moved states, renovated and decorated a home, had a baby and continued to develop content and collaborate with many amazing companies. And while my posting pace has slowed significantly, as a result of all the aforementioned components, my passion has not. In fact, it’s actually allowed me to spend a bit more time on each individual post and have a peace about it all that didn’t exist before.

One of the things that’s been the most fun in the last year, is the added element of Instagram Stories. It cracks me up to think about my first post of Lilly on her scooter in Tribeca, trying to chase after her, not knowing how to enter text or talk. Once again, zero idea what I was doing. And now, well, those of you who follow along know you get the good, the bad and the very ugly. From my morning mug (face, not coffee), in real time #ChooseNatsNextAdventures to behind the scenes of events, posts and plain old life with Lilly, Oliver and, yes, Zach, who, he would argue, is the breakout star, I share it all (and do a lot more quick content on there these days). And, along the way, I’ve connected with so many of you, which has been the greatest joy in all of this. I love hearing your thoughts on my latest piece, ideas for new one, advice, suggestions, commiseration, laughter. Thank you all so much for your time, comments, kind words and thoughts; I’ve loved getting to know you.

Beyond Stories, I (still) get the most gratification from the personal pieces I write. They’re therapeutic for me but it’s the reaction and response from all of you that really makes it worth it. To know that my words resonate and help, in whatever small degree, means everything to me. Mother’s mental health is something I’ve been particularly attuned to after having Lilly four-and-a-half years ago. I struggled so much at the beginning and I know I’m not alone but often felt like I was in talking about it. I saw so many women boasting about how beautiful they felt being pregnant, how nursing bonded them and how amazing mom life was and it made me feel even more alone. So I spoke out.

And my true calling, for lack of an alternative, less cheesy phrase, was discovered. I love helping other women. Period. Whether it’s build their business or blog, decorate their home, plan a party or find a great deal. But the thing I love most, beyond measure, is making them feel less alone, especially in this crazy journey called motherhood.

In that vein, I’m thrilled to announce my latest adventure. On the third anniversary of NNA, a spinoff is born! A new (Insta-only) platform just for moms. To laugh, cry, cheers, roll your eyes, high five… Whatever it is you’re needing that day, we hope to have it for you. And along the way, we’ll gift and feature you too. But instead of just tell you about it, you should really see for yourself. So, without further adieu…

Welcome to the world Momecdotes!

Come join the party!



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