June 1, 2016

DIY Flower Crowns

Lilly’s third birthday was a garden party, so, naturally, flower crowns were a must. Too bad she refused to wear one. But that didn’t stop the rest of us- or the donuts- from sporting them! Instead of spend tons of money (I was already in the hole for a lot of it- don’t tell Zach!) on custom ones from Etsy, I purchased some cheapos from Forever 21 and my fabulous intern Carly made the minis for the pastries and the leaf crowns for the boys. Below, she shows you step-by-step how to create your own at home!

Find a craft store that sells fake flowers. Afloral, who we worked with, is a great online resource as is  Michael’s because they have a fake flower bouquet section and a separate flower craft section just for projects like this one.


What you’ll need:

  • Each crown requires 2 pieces of fabric-covered wire, each should be able to wrap about ¾ of the way around your head (or donut). I used a 16 Gauge stem wire; these are great because they’re pre-cut and easy to bend.
  • A roll of green floral tape. What’s unique about this tape is it’s more similar to gauze and it’s not particularly sticky, but it can be easily molded around the wire and holds really tight once it’s wrapped.  I used the Ashland 55 ft. roll.
  • 3 big flowers (here, here and here) and a bunch of smaller flowers or leaves.



  • Overlap the two pieces of wire so that about half of each piece is overlapping.
  • Tightly wrap the green flower tape around the overlapping wires to secure them together (I recommend two layers of tape here to avoid sharp edges poking out, especially if you’re making them for toddlers like I was!



  • Then wrap the wire around your own head, or the head of the person you’re making it for, to figure out how much to overlap the wire on the other side.
  • Repeat step 2 for the other side of the crown to make a circle (don’t worry if it’s a little lopsided, the flowers mask small imperfections pretty well).


  • Try the crown on to make sure it fits! You don’t want it to be too tight because as you add flowers on the tape will make the frame a little thicker.
  • Arrange your flowers or leaves around the crown to plan out your spacing before you begin wrapping.  The flower crowns look best when the largest flower is in the center with two slightly smaller identical flowers on either side and smaller flower buds and leaves surrounding the back of the frame.
  • Cut each flower from its stem, leaving about one to one and a half inches of stem (if possible) to secure it to the frame.
  • Once placed, tightly wrap the tape around the stem of each flower and the crown, layering the tape at least twice.
  • Continue around the crown, starting with the largest flowers in the front and working backwards.  Make sure the flowers on each side of the center flower face in opposite directions so the crown is symmetric when it’s done.


  • Try to place the flowers as close to each other as possible to avoid messy-looking gaps.  If gaps exist, once finished go back and add more flowers and leaves in to fill them in.
  • Once all the flowers are placed, work your way around the crown molding the tape to make sure all of the flowers are securely attached to the frame.


And you’re done! Now you’re all set for anything from a music festival or baby shower to a fabulous garden party just like Lilly’s!


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