October 10, 2016

Day of the Dead Party

If you’re looking for an alternative to your typical Halloween party, decor or activities this year, may we suggest a Day of the Dead party? You can, of course, do this for kids, family or coeds but our spin is doing it for a girl’s night in. In fact, my friend Brooke and I were planning it for months but then time got away from us, schedules got busy, we’ve spent too much lately… you know how it goes. So, instead we’re sharing all of our secrets so you can take the sugar skulls and run with them! Happy planning!


Set the tone with these invites.


Line a tray or platters with this fine paper.

It’s all about the atmosphere and that means lots of candlelight. Scatter black tapered candles in candleabras and a skull or two (here and here) and this one for extra sweet smell.


Pass food and drinks with these or these napkins or buy plain white and stamp your own!


Serve a specialty cocktail in these beauties with fun ice.


Individual 7-Layer Dips

Mini Molcajetes with Guac

Spiced Pumpkin Soup served in small white pumpkins

Empanadas, Flautas and Tacos

Churro Milkshake Shooters


Churro Bar with shot glasses filled with chocolate, caramel, icing, peanut butter, etc.

Mini Tres Leches Trifles

Cookies (above)


Braid Bar

Hire a hairstylist to come treat your ladies and give them a braided ‘do. Or ask a friend who’s good with hair to help out. Have flowers on hand to adorn for a finished look.


Why stop at hair? Hire a makeup artist or friend to do makeup à la Kate, Hilary and J.Lo.

Temporary Tattoos

Who says they’re just for kids? Adorn your hands with bones for a fun photo op.


Give guests mini skulls and lay out some paper and paint and let them get crafty. I assure you this provides lots of comic relief.

Drinking Game

A favorite of mine, give your guests several wooden pieces and encourage them to write challenges on them. Later in the night, after several drinks, partake in a playful game of “Jenga“, where each piece acts as a truth, dare, charade of challenge. It ups the ante and makes it much more personal.


Send your girls off with these themed journals and another cookie for the road.



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