March 15, 2017

Bumpdate, 26 Weeks

Well, folks, I’ve finally reached the pinnacle of pregnancy: The. Stomach. Shelf. I can effectively balance my cereal or pasta bowl on my bump and it’s glorious. It’s really the moment I’ve waited for. After all, what’s the point of this big ole belly if it can’t be useful?

Beyond that, the baby is the size of a Rutabaga, apparently, which I’m not sure I’ve ever actually seen. I’ve got 14 weeks to go, which actually sounds doable now. At least the time behind me outweighs the time ahead. I’ve begun the always fun period of pregnancy insomnia which has me up many nights from 1-4 or 3-6. Often, I’m getting tired and falling asleep just when it’s about time to wake up with Lilly and get ready for school. Guess it’s preparing me for what’s ahead. I should be a pro at this no sleeping thing by the time baby boy arrives.

I passed the glucose test, thank GOD, but found out I’m anemic so along with thyroid medication that I need to awake and take an hour before eating in the morning (making a pregnant woman wait to eat is torture), I have to take two iron pills, with Vitamin C, throughout the day that don’t conflict with my thyroid medication or prenatal vitamin so that’s fun to schedule/remember.

While shoes (snow boots especially) and socks are becoming an increasing problem to put on, I’m thankful that, in my already large state, it’s cold and I can layer up. I was chatting with a friend in California, who’s due when I am, already as big and bemoaning the fact that she has to wear shorts and maxi dresses in their 80 degree weather, showing more skin and feeling even more exposed. So I’m thankful I can cover up and go a bit more incognito.

Lilly’s getting used to the idea of her baby brother (let’s hope that lasts!) and has come up with quite a few creative names (one of which was included here) like Woodstock, Sock and Pickle. I think Pickle Friedman has a nice ring to it. It’s certainly unforgettable. But she’s definitely more excited about her new house than a new sibling, even suggesting we trade him in for a dog.

But she’s such a caretaker of her mama, asking how I’m feeling, telling me to sit and rest, understanding of my inability to spin her around or do stunts like before. And I know, along with some acting out and regressing, she’ll be such a good big sister helping her brother and me. I cannot wait to see the two of them together. Only a few more months…


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