July 25, 2017

Big Sister Update

Lilly’s been a big sister for five weeks now. A minimal amount of time but fairly monumental in the eyes of a toddler. And while there have been a few growing pains (including this one), it’s been mostly harmonious. In fact, she seems to be getting better, less threatened and more helpful with each day that passes. It’s as if she’s finally realized that it’s not that big of a deal, her world hasn’t really changed all that much (minus the move but we had months to settle in before her brother arrived), she’s still queen of the house, calling all the shots. Poor little Oliver doesn’t stand a chance.

To ensure a smooth transition, we did all the things they say to. We talked about it for a quite awhile leading up to the birth, ever since I started showing, but made a concerted effort to do it in small doses and only when she was receptive. If it seemed like she wasn’t in the mood, we ceased all commentary for awhile, often waiting for her to bring it back up and only answering her questions. We read all the picture and board books again without forcing it just letting the words and pictures settle in on their own time. We talked about her friends with little brothers and sisters and reinforced who our siblings are. We walked her through what would happen when I went to the hospital and watched Doc McStuffins and Daniel Tiger episodes on the topic. And we assured her that she would always be our baby. When it was finally time for the baby to come, we didn’t make a big deal of it.

Thankfully, my mom was here staying with us and we left in the middle of the night. When Lilly woke up that morning, my mom said we went to have the baby and she didn’t flinch. Thankfully, all of the prep had paid off. And, of course, everyone attested to the power of a present so we had a gift (Baby CeCe from Doc McStuffins) for Lilly from her baby brother waiting. Bribery works Every. Time.

Since then, we’ve done lots of day dates with our special girl, are constantly complimenting her on how helpful she is and, besides reminding her to be gentle (she loves HARD like her mama), never say she cannot do something when it comes to her baby brother. Whether it’s hold him, watch him sleep, help him bathe, try to put his paci in… whatever she wants to do with him (within reason, of course), the answer is always yes. We don’t ever want her to feel like she’s not a part of the process. We’re a team, a family of four and Big Sissy is an extremely important and integral piece of the puzzle that makes up this little posse.

Our final installment of “Operation Big Sister” is a trip to Disney World just for the big girl (and Mommy and Daddy). It’s been a crazy couple of months with leaving school early, moving towns, having a new addition and starting a new school in the fall and she’s handled it all so well and that calls for a special celebration. I don’t know who’s more excited, her or mama! We’re currently planning a trip for October and bet your Mickey ears, there’ll be a post about it! 😉

I’d love to hear how you prepared your older children for siblings and any of your tips and tricks and must do’s and don’ts for Disney with a preschooler!




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